Vanessa Rousso is…Writing a Poker Book with Annie Duke?!

PokerStars Pro and GoDaddy girl Vanessa Rousso is apparently working on a heads up no limit poker book with none other than Annie Duke.

Vanessa Rousso

Vanessa in Trademark Funky Hat

Perhaps jealous of all the negative publicity that her ne’er-do-well brother Howard Lederer is receiving this week, Annie dropped the news that no one in the poker world was waiting to hear earlier yesterday on her Twitter account.

The book appears to be the result of a poker themed Mad Lib hastily filled out by a drunkard.

When last we saw Annie Duke she was fleeing the sinking ship that was to bankrupt promote the travesty that was the Epic Poker League. At least one pro  was quick to call out Duke’s latest attempt to cash in on the poker community:

(Referring to the failures of  what has to be one of the worst named poker leagues ever)

Despite winning the 2010 National Heads-Up Poker Championship (somehow besting both Darvin Moon and Jerry Yang) Duke is not considered a strong heads up player, and neither is Rousso. If nothing else we can hope the book will inspire some new players to take up the game, or give bad advice and make the games a little juicier. But maybe, just maybe, we’re all being a little too cynical here. This book might revolutionize the way we think about HUNL. I man it’s not like Duke just shamelessly promotes anything to make a quick buck.

If I’m not mistaken these are the 7 Signs of the Apocalypse